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Colorado Gives Day

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Colorado Gives Day is December 8th, but beginning November 2nd, you can schedule your gift for Colorado Gives Day.

Why wait until the last minute when you can schedule your gift in advance to help support DLC’s mission of the conservation of open space in our region of Colorado?

Help DLC this fall, by shopping at Whole Foods Market in Highlands Ranch!

Douglas Land Conservancy (DLC) is part of Whole Foods Highlands Ranch’s (9366 S Colorado Blvd, Highlands Ranch) bag donation program AKA “One Dime at a Time”! When you shop at Whole Whole-Foods-Logo-1Foods Highlands Ranch with your reusable shopping bags you can donate 10 cents from each bag back to DLC. So bring your bags and shop until December 27th, and help preserve the unique character of Douglas County through the conservation of open space!

Just let the associate know as you’re checking out your groceries that you want your bag donation to go to DLC!!


Douglas Land Conservancy (DLC) is a non-profit organization made up of concerned citizens. Based in Castle Rock, Colorado since 1987, DLC primarily serves Dophoto (21)uglas County. However, recognizing the importance of a regional approach in land conservation DLC has recently broadened its focus to include surrounding counties including Jefferson and Elbert.

In the last year, DLC added 280 acres to the lands currently protected by conservation easements. Today, we are actively preserving over 22,100 acres in Douglas, Jefferson and Elbert Counties. All of this is made possible because of generous support from donors, volunteers and land owners. 

With your Support DLC Annually Protects an Average of 789 Acres! We thank and encourage you to continue to give the gift of open space by supporting Douglas Land Conservancy.

Did you know that DLC conserves an average of 65 acres each month in Douglas Countphoto 3y alone and more than 789 acres annually?!

Since 1987 DLC has protected 22,100 acres from being developed, in perpetuity.  These lands include agricultural lands, public recreation open space, scenic viewscapes, critical wildlife habitat, and wetlands.

Of that 22,100 acres, 11,102 acres are open to the public and provide great trail and recreational experiences for all to enjoy.

10,998 acres are private lands that protect agricultural operations, open space, scenic viewscapes, critical wildlife habitat, and wetlands from ever being developed.

It is DLC’s job to ensure that these properties are protected in perpetuity by visiting each property annually.  The hardest part of our job begins once a conservation easement is put in place on the land.

We are fortunate to have great community support from individuals and families that make annual charitable contributions to DLC.  Many have supported DLC for more than 10 years.  You are helping make a difference.

Thank you!

June 28, 2015 Second Annual Plein Air painting event “Capturing the Beauty of Open Land”   created by Tom Netwal

June 28, 2014 Plein Air painting event “Capturing the Beauty of Open Land”   created by Tom Netwal

In celebration of our recent accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, we hope that you enjoy this video showcasing some of the beautiful and diverse lands we help to protect:

Every Wednesday Douglas Land Conservancy encourages the public to share their photos of wildlife observed in Douglas and Elbert counties in Colorado.

These photos help demonstrate the importance of Douglas Land Conservancy’s efforts to protect wildlife habitat in our region of Colorado.

A special thanks goes out to DLC volunteer and photographer, Tom Netwal who created this great video looking back at all of the 2014 Wildlife Wednesday winners.


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