DLC Receives Grant to Develop Open Vision Space Plan in Elbert County

In the summer of 2014, DLC began discussions with the Director of Community and Development Services for Elbert County, about the possibility of partnering with the county to develop an open space vision plan.

Elbert County currently does not own any public open space, and a vision plan may provide the opportunity for the county to acquire land for public recreation including hiking, horseback riding, and mountain bike trails.  The vision plan would also provide an opportunity for DLC to work with willing landowners to conserve their land for agricultural purposes, scenic viewscape protection, and habitat conservation.

Prior to these discussions,  DLC was provided with an opportunity to submit a proposal to a private family foundation for a grant to work with Elbert County to develop the vision plan.  In early 2015, DLC  was granted $50,000 to begin working on the development  of the plan.   The timing could not have been better as Elbert County is in the process of updating their master plan and plans to incorporate the vision plan into their long-term master plan.

DLC and Elbert County are now in the planning stages of the vision plan and hope to have a completed plan approved by the Elbert County Commissioners by the end of 2015.