Wide Open Words……June 15, 2016

IMG_7533Words from DLC’s 2016 Summer Intern……….Hello there! My name is David King, and I am extremely honored to be a summer intern for Douglas Land Conservancy.  I am now just over a week into my summer at DLC, and it has already been an incredible experience. Before I dive into my time at DLC, here is a quick bio about me, and how I ended up at the Conservancy. I am a 2016 CAPS Fellow (Calling And Purpose in Society) from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, IN.  CAPS Fellows are chosen through a competitive interview process by the Institute of Leadership and Service at VU. CAPS Fellows intern all over the country at various non-profits.  The intent of a CAPS Fellowship is for the Fellow to be immersed in a non-profit setting, learning the ins and outs of the business, all while developing their passions. I was extremely fortunate to find DLC, becoming the first CAPS Fellow in the Denver area, and in the conservation field.

I walked into DLC’s office the first day unsure of what to expect. I knew that I had an interest in the conservation field, but I had no idea how that interest would play out in the real world. Patti and Amy were extremely welcoming, and I was immediately put into positions where I was learning all about the organization.  I spent much of the first few days pouring over DLC’s files, learning the terminology and information that they use on a daily basis.  The legal side of what DLC does quickly fascinated me, and I read many conservation easements during those first few days. Dissecting what makes a property worthy of protection proved engrossing. Determining the conservation values of a particular property is paramount to the conservation of that area.

With the foundational knowledge that I gained during my hours reading in the office in my back pocket, I felt prepaIMG_7867red to head out into the field for the first time. Each monitoring visit that I have been on so far has been the highlight of my internship.  It is one thing to read about a property, and those conservation values, but it is a totally different experience to be out on the land, and to see those values first hand.  The words on the page truly come to life as the views come into your line of vision, and the wildlife jumps out at you. Patti and Amy have been great leading me around, and showing me what to look for on each property.  After actually being on the property, the necessity for conservation becomes even more clear. I am so excited for the rest of the summer, and all of the monitoring visits that I will have the privilege of going on. My education on the conservation field has just begun, but it has been an absolute blast thus far.

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  1. David, we are so fortunate to have you as a summer intern with DLC this year. One of my biggest concerns is finding ways to pass on the value of conserving our open spaces and protecting our wildlife and natural resources to younger generations. Not only will you be making an important contribution to DLC and our protected lands this summer, you will also be a leader in the generation responsible for continuing this work that is so essential to all of us and to the health of our planet. We need you and other members of your generation to carry on the conservation ethic for us, and you have already demonstrated that you will do this well! Thank you!