The Owl Night – by Zane

Silent swooping

up and down.

An owl flies fast,

but silently. How?


but silent too.

Its soft, silent feathers flapping

in the midnight. The owl comes down

to catch a mouse.


The mouse is breakfast.

Back to the nest goes the owl.

Uno, dos, tres.

Three little chicks.

Peep, peep,


Mother owl pops a piece of food

into her chick’s mouths.

Peep, Flitter, and Midnight.

Zane loves animals of all kinds, and especially raptors.  He aspires to be an ornithologist when he grows up and for now is busy checking off as many national and state parks on his Junior Ranger list as possible.  Zane wrote a poem entitled “The Owl Night” last spring after taking a Douglas Land Conservancy moonlight Owl Prowl.  In addition to animals, Zane loves hiking and climbing.  He is currently a 2nd grader in Castle Rock.







Great Horned Owl photo credit:  Hernandez Photography