The Wilds

The Wilds

By:  Chris Vasconcellos

The wilds are places full of secrets,

Where the sun as it crosses the sky,

Watches over the lovely creation,

Tenderly, with a loving eye.

It circles the earth and notices,

Each little plant growing so strong,

The animals living their lives,

Each one singing its own song.

The rain as it sends its showers,

Makes the rivers flow so free,

Washes the earth and creatures,

Giving life abundantly.

Let’s keep the wild amongst us,

Tread lightly on our way,

So that all can live so freely,

As the sun brings each new day.

Hi! My name is Chris. I’m a dandelion gone to seed which the wind blows around. Wherever I am I put my roots deep into the earth and spread love in the form of wild gardens. Someday soon I hope to be sending down roots in Colorado and gathering together all sorts of companions who love wild places. Keep on loving the earth everyone!