Charitable bequests are a common method of giving where an individual can name Douglas Land Conservancy (DLC), or any other charity, as the beneficiary to a portion of his or her estate. Leaving a bequest allows you to make a significant contribution toward the protection and conservation of the natural character, habitat, and open space of the central front range region of Colorado, while reducing the impact of estate taxes on your heirs.

A bequest can be made by naming the Douglas Land Conservancy as a charitable beneficiary either in your existing will (by adding an update, called a codicil) or when establishing a new will.  Douglas Land Conservancy’s EIN is 84-1076613

Suggested Language: “I give, devise and bequeath to the Douglas Land Conservancy of, Castle Rock, Colorado, assets having a value equal to __% of my gross estate to be used for its general charitable purposes.”

You can also name the Douglas Land Conservancy as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. IRA, 401k, 403b’s are popular and effective saving vehicles. If you name the DLC as a beneficiary in the event of premature death, none of the asset is subject to tax.

Naming the Douglas Land Conservancy as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy is also an easy way to make a sizable gift you may not have thought possible. When you irrevocably sign over ownership of your policy to DLC, you will receive an immediate charitable deduction (usually very close to the policy’s cash value).

The Douglas Land Conservancy also encourages gifts of real estate. Whether you have land to donate for its environmental or conservation value, or land that we can sell or trade to raise funds to preserve critical open space, it is all valuable to DLC. This is a gift that can be given during life or bequeathed to DLC to reduce the value of your estate.

We would love to recognize your planned gift with an acknowledgement in our annual newsletter if that is your desire.

Before considering any of these choices, please note that we cannot provide legal advice as a non-profit. Please consult your attorney or relevant estate planners.

For more information, or if you would like to talk with someone about making a planned gift, contact your financial adviser or contact our Executive Director, Patti Hostetler at 303-688-8025.