35th Anniversary Celebration

Douglas Land Conservancy (DLC) is pleased to share

that we are celebrating our 35th Anniversary.


In 1987 a group of citizens concerned about land conservation and smart growth in our region of Colorado joined together to create DLC, dedicating their efforts to the protection and permanent conservation of agricultural lands, open space, scenic views, critical wildlife habitat, and wetlands. Today, with the generous support from donors, volunteers, and landowners, DLC actively preserves 26,757 acres in Douglas, Jefferson, and Elbert Counties.

There is no better way to celebrate our 35 years of conservation efforts than to invite our community to recreate, enjoy and connect with others in the great outdoors.

You are invited to celebrate by participating in DLC’s 35th Anniversary Challenge! We challenge you to head outdoors between March and June and do “Something 35”. Then share with DLC via email or social media, using the hashtag “#DLC35”.

You may want to…

  • Hike 35 miles
  • Cycle, kayak or climb 35 times
  • Connect with 35 friends and hike 35 unique trails
  • Challenge yourself to spotting 35 different species of birds
  • Watch 35 sunrises or sunsets.

Get creative…

  • Paint 35 different wildflowers
  • Write 35 poems about nature
  • Try 35 yoga poses outdoors
  • Count and name 35 stars
  • Spend 35 minutes a day journaling outdoors.
  • Make a treasure hunt with 35 things in nature. Head outdoors with the whole family to find the things on your list.

However you rise to the 35th Anniversary Challenge, we ask that you consider sharing with 35 friends about the incredible work that Douglas Land Conservancy does to make our community a special place to live! The cost is, you guessed it, $35.00. The entry fee will be used to help support DLC’s mission. You will receive a t-shirt and an invitation to our 35th Anniversary Celebration, which will take place in late June. If you share your adventures on DLC’s social media pages, using the hashtag #DLC35 you will be entered in a drawing for prizes. Drawings will take place at the Celebration.

Thanks to the entire community for your support over the decades. It is our honor to be your local land trust. Together, we have done so much, but there is still more work to be done. We will continue to protect and conserve the beautiful lands in our region. We look forward to your continued support and many more outdoor adventures with you!