Join DLC and local geologist Rik Williams to learn about geology in Douglas County!

DLC volunteer and retired geologist Rik Williams will lead you through the story of how the incredible beauty of Douglas County and Colorado’s Front Range came to be.

We’ll start when our state was no more than sand and mud on the bottom of a shallow sea many, many, many years ago. Then we’ll follow it through the rising and falling of multiple mountain ranges involving some of the world’s biggest volcanoes, incredible floods, earthquakes, and more. We’ll wrap up with what this earth history means to us today as Front Range communities continue to grow.

No prior experience with a rock hammer is required – we’ll fill you in on all you need to know and point you toward great resources where you can learn more. In November we’ll follow up the presentation with hikes at beautiful Sandstone Ranch where you can put your hands on our billion-year-old rocks, folds, and faults.

This presentation is appropriate for all ages. Consider inviting friends and family to learn how the incredible beauty of Douglas County and the Front Range was formed. Register here to attend!

DLC presentations are offered free of charge, but a $10 per person donation is suggested so that we may continue to offer educational outreach events in the community.