Photo Credit: Bob Karcz

Dear Friends of DLC,

Earth Day began in 1970 and gave a voice to a growing consciousness about the state of our planet. Since then the movement has grown and today is marked by more than a billion people annually as a day of action to change both human behavior and policy. If you feel inclined to act in honor of EarthDay, please consider supporting your local nonprofit land trust, Douglas Land Conservancy. Land conservation positively impacts water, air and light pollution, protects wildlife habitat, and adds to the overall quality of life. A donation, of any size, will directly impact our mission to forever protect and conserve the natural beauty and open lands of our region.

Since 1987, Douglas Land Conservancy has worked hard to conserve 26,700 acres in Douglas, Elbertand Jefferson Counties. More than 4,200 acres were protected just last year. We couldn’t have donethat without our caring community of supporters. As a privately-funded organization, DLC relies onyour generous support and donations in order to keep meeting our conservation goals this year andbeyond.

Douglas Land Conservancy’s responsibilities do not stop once a conservation easement protecting theland is executed. In fact, the moment the easement is signed is just the beginning of our involvementwith the land and the landowners. DLC is responsible for stewardship and monitoring complianceand must have funds set aside to defend each conservation easement.

As we navigate away from the uncertainty and change of the past year, one thing is clear, the wonderof nature positively impacts the quality of life. Together we can preserve the open spaces in Douglas,Elbert and Jefferson counties for now and future generations. There is nothing more inspiring andlasting than open lands. But once they are gone, they are gone forever.

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Best Regards,

Douglas Land Conservancy Board of Directors