Fall Activities for All Ages

Douglas Land Conservancy would like your time outdoors to be memorable and educational. If you plan to spend time on the trail this weekend or over Fall Break with the whole family take along one of the activities we’ve created or check out the list of (free) apps that we find helpful. Click on these links below to view and …

1,500 Acres in Douglas County Permanently Protected by DLC

Historic 1,500-acre Ditmars Ranch protected in Douglas County One of Douglas County’s most historic ranches is now protected with a conservation easement made possible by County taxpayers, County Commissioners, The Conservation Fund, Douglas Land Conservancy (DLC), and the owner of Ditmars Ranch. The purchase of Ditmars Ranch conservation easement was jointly funded by The Conservation Fund ($1 million) and Douglas …

The Power of Open Space

When everything has changed and life seems so uncertain, one thing remains forever…the power of protected open space to fill our hearts with hope and our minds with inspiration for generations to come.

Cheers to Our Volunteers!

Being a DLC Volunteer Have you ever been standing in a forest surrounded by tall evergreens that touch the sky? You smell the sweet dampness of the pine needles and the greenery underfoot. You hear the melodic chirp of a robin that sounds a bit like, “cheer up.” You see patches of yellow and white and purple wildflowers dispersed randomly …

Long Expedition Presentation by John Stansfield

DLC Presentation: Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Long Expedition Exploring the Front Range 1820 By John Stansfield Did you know? Many of the areas where the Long Expedition traveled in Douglas County are lands that DLC permanently protects. Sketches and journal entries show that the group was at what is now Dawson Butte, Sandstone Ranch and in Perry Park.

Meet Doug Landry!

Meet DLC’s Doug Landry! He’s a handsome, waterfowl who enjoys the great outdoors. Doug heads outside often to hike our local open spaces and enjoy all the benefits that these DLC protected lands offer; fresh air, beautiful views and of course, clean water. Follow along as Doug trains over the next 11 weeks in preparation for his half mile race …

Pandemic Antidote

by Leslie Clemensen In Thailand, the words for truth and nature are synonyms. As we bounce from one media alert to the next during this COVID 19 pandemic, we are all seeking truth…true information and deep truths about what this means for us as individuals, families, communities and nations – where can we find secure footing and what expectations of …


The shady buck wanders in the wild and in the dark when the skies are pink and purple. He wanders in the shadows of the black fields. The shady buck runs in the wild when the sky fades. He is beautiful. He is strong. He is wild.


As I watched flames shoot through the roof of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, and beheld its majestic spire topple and plunge to the ground, tears threatened.  I reflected upon what I was witnessing.  Notre Dame has graced Île de la Cité in Paris for 869 years, seemingly forever.  When construction began, centuries before European “discovery” of the …

2019 Oak Leaf Award

Congratulations to Douglas Land Conservancy’s 2019 Oak Leaf Award recipients, Richard and Susan Farmer, owners of the historic Abbe Ranch and conservationists, who have made a significant impact on the community through their land conservation efforts in Douglas County.